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Transtioning to Natural Hair ♥
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After 3 months of wearing my singles (I know, I waited wayy too long to take them out lol you definitely don’t wanna do what I did) I took them out!! Woo! I finally got to touch my hair again!! It was my first time seeing it since my big chop!! When I took the braids out, my hair was SUPER DRY And SUPER DULL lol, So I figured a deep deep DEEP conditioning was long over due. For conditioning I decided to go with a homemade conditioner. I used Greek yogurt, honey, egg, and avocado oil. I never really thought I had a curl pattern until I slabbed this stuff on! Curly girl over here woop woop! 🙌🙌🙌 …….now if only these curls would last AFTER I rinse my hair lol
I’ll post a pic of how my hair came out soon! Feel free to ask any questions!!

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